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This Privacy Policy regulates matters relating to the data of Site Users provided by Site Users to the Site Manager in the context of utilizing the facilities, service features and/or services offered by the Site Manager through the pocketlegals.com site. The provisions regarding data bind all Site Users without exception to comply with and comply with the provisions that have been applied by the Site Manager.

This Privacy Policy includes:

1. For the data provided by Site Users to the Site Manager as a fulfillment of the requirements for the use of the facilities, features, services and/or services offered by the Site Manager, the Site Manager is obliged to:

a. Maintain the confidentiality of User data that cannot be displayed on the Site and/or given to certain parties for the use of the services or services of the Site as long as there is no prior written agreement to the User

b. Confidentiality of User data that must be maintained by the Site Manager becomes invalid if the Site Manager is forced by applicable legal provisions, court orders, and/or orders from authorized officers/agencies, to disclose the User‘s data.

2. The Site Manager is only responsible for the data provided by the Site User to the Site Manager as determined in the previous provisions

3. Site Manager is not responsible for providing or exchanging data by themselves between Site Users

4. The Manager has the right to change the provisions regarding the data of Site Users.